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Partners in Proverbs Week 3, Chapters 15-21

I write this blog post in between the grunts, screams, yawns and cries of my almost four-week-old baby.  Those are the sounds I get from him as of now, even after fighting for a sweet smile in the highest voice … Continue reading

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Skinny for Jesus? – 2 years later

A while back, Steve Heitland and I embarked on a little blog excursion on dieting and weight loss, “Skinny for Jesus?” (you can read them all here).  We sought to bring Scriptural guidance to the Christian’s pursuit of a healthier, … Continue reading

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Remember that icebreaking activity when you’re supposed to say an adjective that describes you which starts with the same letter as your first name? Somehow, intuitively I know that for years now, I should’ve been saying “Distractible Doug”. Instead, I’ve … Continue reading

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Skinny for Jesus?

Two days after the Super Bowl and I sit here at 233 lbs…that falls in the average weight range for a NFL linebacker! So go my thoughts.  My weight and the state of my physical discipline rarely bring happy thoughts. … Continue reading

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The wisdom of His ways…

Some of you have known me for many years. You remember me as the mom of 5 growing boys. Some of you only know me as the grandmother of 5. Through all these years, the Lord has been patiently teaching … Continue reading

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Are you pregnant?!

Have you ever found yourself wondering about a certain piece of information that was interesting to you, like if so-and-so was engaged yet, or if so-and-so was pregnant?  I have felt the temptation to know something before it was told … Continue reading

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