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One highlight of the retreat (of many) for me was working with four others in a group writing effort. Such creative, humble and joyful artists (from left to right): Jonathan Baird, Neil DeGraide, Meghan Baird, me and Eric McAlister). In this picture we’re preparing to share the song with the songwriting panel (Bob Kauflin, Steve & Vikki Cook, Joel Sczebel) for their review.

This past week I was doing my part to fill the otherwise more subdued Southern Baptist Theological Seminary campus (in Louisville, KY) with many noisy attempts at songwriting.  I spent the week writing and collaborating with several other Sovereign Grace songwriters under the direction of Bob Kauflin.  It was a seriously splendid time.  I was truly honored to take part and I gladly went representing Crossway Church!  In speaking with many of the other writers and Sovereign Grace staff (including Bob and CJ Mahaney), they all asked how the church is doing, and I was able to report about the grace and goodness of God among us.

Our focus at this retreat was to write songs drawn from the pages of the Book of Romans – such glorious sixteen chapters of grace, law, spirit, death, life, righteousness and Christ.  It is hoped that this new album with these worship songs will be released sometime in later Spring.  I believe nearly sixty songs were submitted by the end of the retreat, which certainly gives Bob, Steve Cook and the Sovereign Grace music team much to work with as they start pulling together the Romans worship CD.

One of the songs that I brought to the retreat that is under consideration for this upcoming album was “Rescue Me” – a song drawing from Paul’s words of struggle in Romans, chapter 7.  How we need our Lord’s rescue, even daily!

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4 Responses to Songwriter retreat

  1. Dawn Mellinger says:

    Great song Doug!! I’ll be hitting the “replay” button a lot!! Thanks!


  2. Amanda Palmatier says:

    I agree with Dawn. I love it!


  3. Tracy Guyer says:

    Love it, Doug! Rom 7 has been a favorite chapter for me lately. How fitting for my favorite songwriter to put it to music.



  4. Lori says:

    I am once again grateful to God for his gift of grace you are to me and to this church. This song will be added to my playlist and I look forward to the CD coming out with hopes that this song will be on it. I am made freshly aware of the need for God’s grace in my weaknesses through this song.


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