If Doug Plank was a Police Officer

One thing I appreciate about Doug Plank is his creativity. Doug is one of the most talented and creative guys I know. So, when I watched this video (even though I don’t think Doug does magic tricks) I thought this is probably what Doug would be like as a Police Officer (maybe he would do a song and dance instead).

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5 Responses to If Doug Plank was a Police Officer

  1. Kimc says:

    It should say if Dan Armstrong was a police officer!


  2. Vince Felizzi says:

    ?? I was waiting for the “Doug Plank…” connection?? I watched it again :-\ ? Still no Doug. The guy doesn’t look like Doug, neither one of them? I never knew Doug to do magic? ???? I will pray for you Kurt.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Funny….I thought the cop reminded me of Warren Boettcher:) Maybe Doug could be his assistant:)


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