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I’m a mess

The video you are about to see will help you understand how my life and sanctification can often be: messy.  Consider this video a 4 minute snapshot into the soul of Doug Plank, if my soul were a cooking show: … Continue reading

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Monday News

Brianna Miranda has received the MVP award for the L-S girls XC team.  Bri ran in the top spot for most of the season this year. She placed 1st on her team in 6 out of 8 meets.  Her coach … Continue reading

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It is Thanksgiving evening and I find myself having procrastinated in writing this post.  I had wanted to have it done earlier in the week… but here I sit.  In being the last to write in this little series, I … Continue reading

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Thanks, Please Pass the Turkey!

Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving? Whether your family goes with the standard holiday fare or you have that weird cousin who insists on trying odd new dishes on the last Thursday of November (just to be clear: we … Continue reading

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Biblical Manhood & Womanhood 11 – Final Thoughts

So this is the final post in our series.  Hopefully it’s been of at least some help in beginning to raise some of the issues that are connected with our understanding of what it means to be a man or … Continue reading

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Building Faith in Our Child’s Heart

Recently I was reading a very helpful booklet by Desiring God Ministries entitled Helping Children to Understand the Gospel. In it the author shares a story about a pastor from the 1800’s named Richard Cecil who attempted to help his … Continue reading

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Monday News

David Oliver and the Robotics Team at Millersville University took top honors this year at The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) Conference’s Robotics Competition with their robot named SAM. SAM stands for . . .  read entire … Continue reading

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