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Failure to launch

Twenty-somethings in America are creating a new season of life wedged between adolescence and adulthood: something that Al Mohler recently blogged about in “Why aren’t emerging adults emerging as adults?”  Parents and young adults should take a few moments and check out … Continue reading

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Monday News

Baptism Sunday – On Sunday August 22 Crossway Church welcomed the following people into fellowship with Jesus Christ as they professed their faith and followed Him in water baptism. Eboni Freeman, Carli Freeman, Bekah Landis, Josh Landis, Colin Mellinger, Brianna … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to…..

In the providence of God, it’s my turn to write this Friday’s blog post. But it’s not just any Friday for me. It’s my 54th birthday.  (Smile) I really like getting older.  The years ahead feel so full of untapped … Continue reading

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Are You Unhappy?

My wife asked me a couple of days ago, “Why do some people seem to be so unhappy?”  It’s a good question to consider. I guess, I should be asking myself the same question, “Why am I unhappy at times?” In fact, … Continue reading

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Oh Canada

The Ovalles are still on their cross-country (or -countries, as the case may be) journey and have taken the Crossway Tote Bag with them. Here it is at 7,984 feet of elevation in Oregon: And here they are at the … Continue reading

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For me, the problem with communicating as a man is communicating as a man. Generally speaking (no pun intended) I think myself to be a clear speaker.  I can talk in front of people.  I can answer the phone with … Continue reading

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Monday News

My apologies for the twenty four hour delay in this week’s Monday News. Our camping adventure tells the story. No Service … camping in the mountains, far from civilization and cell phone service has it’s advantages. The solitude and retreat … Continue reading

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