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What mega city is 11 blocks by 13 blocks, with a population of 850? What city has no stop lights, 2 gas stations, 1 bank, 1 grocery store and no fast food restaurants?  What town is surrounded by corn and … Continue reading

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A new song

Here is a song demo that was submitted for the Sovereign Grace “Sons & Daughters” project many months ago that I thought would be fun to share with you. This song (titled “As Your Child”) takes a look at the … Continue reading

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Lititz I CG

This Lititz Care Group came out of the Wenger Care Group, which we affectionately used to refer to as “CrossWay North”, due it its size.  Our group was initially led by Dan & Julie Garner – who have since moved … Continue reading

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Womanly Dominion–Chapters 6 & 7

In chapter six, author Mark Chanski lays out for us that is clearly biblical for the woman to be the child nurturer rather than the man.  “Motherhood is an honorable and sacred vocation.  The King of Heaven has specially appointed … Continue reading

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Akron/Rothsville CG

The Akron/Rothsville care group is a diverse group of people, ranging in ages (1-80?), occupations (hairdresser, homemakers, driver for the Amish, IT, counselor, restoration work, auto repair and more), and interests (motorcycles, guitars, quilting, gardening, art, biking, and travel). With … Continue reading

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So it’s a Wednesday morning and you’re sitting down innocently at your computer to read the blog and what do you find?  A post on the trinity.  Nice.  In teaching ECC this past Sunday, I was reminded again of the … Continue reading

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Give it a kick

Loving this world is a terrible habit.  It is condemned by Scripture and comes natural to our human existence.  It does the Christian much good to give his appetite for this world a solid kick as often as possible. This … Continue reading

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