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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This past week the IO (our Parent/Youth Ministry) had our annual photo scavenger hunt.  Check out some of the selected pictures from the event! Enjoy!

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Job: When the Righteous Suffer

For all who have suffered through no fault of their own* John Piper is coming out with a new book of poetry on the life of Job. Here’s a preview: *if we live long enough all of us will experience … Continue reading

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The Christian & customer service

Our order last night at the ice cream parlor should have only taken a few moments.  When things extended beyond 20 or so minutes, the Plank mini-van got a bit rambunctious.  Chloe needed to be set free from her car … Continue reading

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The Gospel: truth and compassion

“What is truth?” Famous words spoken by Pontius Pilate in response to Jesus’s claim that he had come into the world to bear witness to the truth. Almost 2000 years later it seems that not much has changed. Our culture … Continue reading

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Every Friday features a post from one of our pastor’s wives specifically for the women of Crossway Church. Earlier this week was hard for me, which I am sure was the case for others out there.  Not only was it stormy outside, … Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung

I love this time of year!  Spring is a wonderful season when life seems to be blossoming all around us.  The grass turns from brown to bright green and the trees start to show life.  The days become longer, the … Continue reading

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The Thunder of God

Tonight there’s a thunderstorm outside our front door.  The rain isn’t very strong, but periodically the sky lights up preternaturally in a brilliant display of raw power, throwing the distant tree line into a stark silhouette.  These crashes of convulsive … Continue reading

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