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Thank you so much!

This past weekend was quite a whirlwind.  There I was, shopping for black leather boots (65% off, I might add) when my stomach and back began to ache in a most excruciating fashion.  I thought that it was the great … Continue reading

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Abortion continues . . .

Last week President Obama’s released a statement on abortion that continues the right of women to abort their children in this country. While he holds great power to speak on behalf of the defenseless there is One who has ultimate … Continue reading

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The Good Life

The other night at dinner Cynthia and I were talking about our lives together and reflecting on the many and varied experiences we have had over the years. There have been good times and there have been hard times. In … Continue reading

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Cable TV and the grace of God

For the first time, the Plank family finally subscribed to cable television.  While setting up “expanded basic service” (which affords the Comcast consumer 69 channels), I glanced over some of the other options and found the possibilities staggering.  With full digital service, a television … Continue reading

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Young Adults Care Group Part 2

Young Adults Care Group (Part 2) Lead by Quay and Shannon Hanna Crossway’s other Young Adult Care Group is led by Quay and Shannon Hanna. This is notoriously the “wild and crazy” young adult group, which makes sense if you’ve … Continue reading

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Speaking of Soup…

A few months back I posted one of my favorite soup recipes.  I had so many of you come to me and let me know that you tried it and loved it, so I thought I would post a few … Continue reading

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God in the Dock

One of the themes we discussed Tuesday night in our Vital Life class was our tendency to try to make God answerable to us.  As we looked at the book of Job, and studied the wrong-headed attitudes of Job (somewhat) … Continue reading

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