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Looking for a Good Book? (Volume Two)

So, now we have this fancy new series, and you’re wondering what’s next. With only 7 weeks left of the Pastors College at the time of this writing (Graduation on June 8th, Lord willing. Bring your noisemakers.), I want to … Continue reading

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Taxis, Dying and Evangelism

What do taxi drivers, dying and evangelism have to do with each other? As you read these two stories, see if you find the connection! Taxi Experience #1: Monday, April 14, we traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, for the T4G conference. … Continue reading

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A Whirlwind Tour

Back in late February on a Wednesday afternoon, Bill and I drove down to BWI, flew out to Phoenix, Arizona, spent the night, took a tour of the Sovereign Grace Church in Gilbert, AZ, had lunch and jumped back on … Continue reading

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Living Out Our Lives in Community

A few weeks ago all of our husbands were at the Pastor’s College. They were in class all day and seeking to do their planning retreat in the evenings and off hours. I am sure that this schedule was gruelling. … Continue reading

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A better way to stay healthy

As a young boy I loved to catch critters. My earliest memories were of catching grasshoppers. They were so intriguing because they would remain relatively invisible until I got close enough to scare them into flight. I loved the tension … Continue reading

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For crying out loud

I admire other men who cry easily. King David poured out his heart without shame to God. CJ Mahaney can rarely make it through a message. Corby Megorden, a dear friend and a pastor from Covenant Life Church, can barely … Continue reading

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Sovereign Grace Reorg.

Since we are partners together with all the churches of Sovereign Grace Ministries I thought you may like to have a few more details on the recent reorganization. A few items to keep in mind: These changes were made primarily … Continue reading

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