Adoption Joy!

Yesterday was a special day in the lives of Sierra and Samantha Snyder. At about 2:30pm Thursday afternoon, in the Lancaster County courthouse, Judge Jay Holberg officially pronounced them Sierra and Samantha Roark, adopted daughters of Beth Roark. Beth has been a member of Crossway Church since 2014 and the girls have been living with her as her foster daughters. In the courtroom to support them were Chad and Julie Martin, Beth’s Caregroup leaders, Kurt Weaver and Bill Haughery.

Sierra and Samantha, we congratulate you! We share your joy!


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The Davis Family update

Davis Family Picture August 2015

Dear Crossway Family,

How blessed we are to be apart of such a unique part of the body of Christ as God has opened the doors and paved the way to fulfill his call on our lives!

Thank you for you prayers, encouragement, and countless ways you have run along with us as we dedicate our lives ground breaking new territories for the gospel through the strength and power of God.

From the time we were children both of us in our own way felt the unshakable call of communicating the truth of the gospel to both the lost and saved. From young teenagers through college God provided countless opportunities for us to be proactive in missions locally and overseas.

Then two years ago this month God opened the door for us to begin the journey becoming full-time missionaries with Child Evangelism Fellowship® of Maryland.

Our vision is that the Gospel might reach the most over-looked and unreached people group with the gospel whom are all around us: children. While children are the most tender and receptive to the things of God, they are the least prioritized in being reached.

Now in 192 countries, CEF is a Bible centered worldwide organization whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the gospel of Jesus Christ, disciple them in the word of God, and establish them in the local church for Christian living.

 What took 21 hours of driving and a 6am airplane flight we all safely arrived in August 2013 for the intensive 12 week/36 credit hour school Children Ministry Institute® at the CEF International Headquarters in Warrenton, MO.

With all the intensity that CMI held, we still needed God’s supernatural strength and perseverance as we entered into the next stage of the journey – transitioning into missions work full-time. Each month held new joys and challenges as our family welcomed Ruth Hadassah into the family, we took on more and more hands on ministry, Stephen did contracting work to supplement our income, and every additional ounce of energy went into communicating the need and urgency of children being reached with the gospel to believers who were passionate about seeing the next generation reached.

 With over 170 of these ministry meetings in our home, over coffee, at offices, in front of congregations, and over the radio we have strengthened couples, families, and pastors in their roles in the Great Commission and shown them how they can be eternally credited with reaching the most receptive and overlooked people group with the gospel. God has been faithful to produce fruit as we have navigated this season of seed planting.

We are currently at about 96.5% of our needed ministry budget (Praise God!!!) and we have been steadily searching and preparing for where God desires to plant us as a family that we may minister as “Local Coordinators” to Carroll County, Maryland.

Please pray for three churches we are currently working with to ground break into their local elementary schools with the gospel. Please pray especially for the team from Faith Community Chapel who desires to adopt North Harford Elementary School that God would open the door toward the current resistance we are finding there from the principle.

Please also pray for us as we look to buy a home somewhere on the Mason-Dixon and move closer to the area we are ministering.
Our long-term dream is to have a small homestead where our home can be an environment of learning, discovery, and healing to all that enter and reside. This would be an amazing backdrop to where we can minister in CEF, in homeschooling our children and teaching them life skills, hosting meetings and outreach to the community.

While much anticipation, preparation, and countless hours have been invested bringing us to this point, we still need God’s supernatural hand to go before us!

As apart of our church body we are so very grateful for each of your prayers, love, and encouragement to us these past two years.

As our home church and friends would you please pray for wisdom, discernment and even consider any connections you believe the Lord might be opening for us as we look to make this final transition into missions full-time?

Would you also pray if the Lord might be leading you to invest monthly partnering with us in this vital work – only $317 more a month needed for our ministry budget to be at 100%!

We must continue to come together as the body of Christ recognizing the urgency, responsibility, and mandate to reach the next generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. While we ultimately rely on the grace of God to do this work, we also need the support of his body to come alongside and partner with us.

Eight-year-old Jasmine said it well at summer Good News Club® a few weeks ago, “How could Jesus die for someone who didn’t love him?” What a good question to be able to answer right there in the Salvation Army gym! With darkness becoming darker may our lights shine even brighter as together we go into the streets, into the public schools, and into our neighborhoods and share of the transforming love of our Risen Savior together for His glory!

Until all hear and believe,

Stephen, Hannah, Silas, Miriam & Ruth Davis

If you have any questions, comments, connections, or desire to partner with us in this vital work please email us at or call/text our cell at 410-812-8975

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Abortion in America

Cute newborn baby pictures

For many of us, we have never known a time when abortion was not legal in our country. Roe v. Wade was in 1973, the year before I was born. For reasons I won’t go into here, that decision jeopardized my life. We have now experienced over 40 years of the legal murder of the most defenseless amongst us. Many have labored and prayed for decades now that God might grant us mercy and undo this horrible and destructive decision.

Lately, abortion has been in the news, and especially the largest practicioner of abortions in America, Planned Parenthood. The Center for Medical Progress has executed a brilliant campaign of releasing exposé videos which reveal the realities of the atrocities that have been going on behind closed doors. In God’s grace, America may be coming face-to-face with the reality of abortion. Arguments about “a woman’s choice” and “sexual freedom” are being exposed as hollow and self-serving. If you haven’t already, you can view the videos on the CMP website by clicking the link above.

Wouldn’t it be kind of God to use this issue to change hearts and minds across America? It is easy to despair, whether at Supreme Court decisions or merely at the litany of sufferings recorded every evening by the nightly news. But God is sovereign and his kingdom cannot be shaken. His purposes will prevail. We can trust him, and we must hope in him.

Below I will list a few ways that you can take action on this issue. There is no must here; God has placed us all in different situations and different seasons, and he wants us to engage with the callings he has given us in faith. Please pray, and consider if there is a way that God is calling you to participate.

What You Can Do:

•Visit the PA Family Institute website. Sign the petition. Contact your legislators. Ask Randy Wenger how you can help.

•Join in a pro-life rally. Sign-up for updates from the PA Family Institute to learn how to share a positive message about life.

• offers a free book every month. This month they are offering “Compelling Interest,” subtitled, “The Real Story Behind Roe. v. Wade.” You can access this free resource here.

•Pray for God’s mercy. Talk with your friends and co-workers. Seek to be a winsome influence wherever you go.

•Get informed. Read Scott Klusendorf’s excellent book, The Case for Life. It is also available in our bookstore.

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Bahama Music Camp

Recently Crossway sent a team to serve our sister church in the Bahamas by putting on a music camp. Kingdom Life Church held a Music Camp for the children of their church and visitors over the course of a week in July. 140 children participated in music workshops, group worship and teaching. Here is a video taken by Gary Smith highlighting the week.

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Monday News

Onemission Wissinoming. In July another team from Crossway went to City Church in Wissonoming to help with the construction of their bathrooms.


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Connecting with Catholics: Speaking Truth in Love


Connecting with Catholics: Speaking Truth in Love

  • When: Saturday Aug 22 (9 am – 12 noon)
  • Where: Covenant Fellowship Church Glen Mills, PA
  • Cost: no cost but you must register.

Description: Where do Evangelicals and Roman Catholics share common ground?  What differences divide us, and do they matter?  Covenant Fellowship is hosting a seminar to equip Evangelicals to have truth-based and love-motivated conversations with Catholics.  The seminar will include main sessions for teaching a biblically informed understanding of Catholic teaching and practice.  Breakout sessions will give practical help on applying these principles in a variety of different contexts.

  •  Main Session 1:  Watersheds: The Solas that Divide[Tim Shorey]
  •  Main Session 2: Bridges: Common Ground and Closing Gaps [Jared Mellinger]
  • Breakout sessions:
    • Street Evangelism [Ron Elkin]
    • Evangelism for the Rest of Us [Jim Donohue]
    • Relating with Catholic Family and Friends [Marty Machowski]

Speakers –

  • Tim Shorey, SGC Northeast Regional Leader and Eastern Delco Campus Lead Pastor
  • Jared Mellinger, Senior Pastor of Covenant Fellowship Church
  • Ron Elkin, Director of AMMI Ministry
  • Jim Donohue, Evangelism and College Pastor at Covenant Fellowship
  • Marty Machowski, Executive Pastor and Family Life Pastor at Covenant Fellowship
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Monday News


Expectant Mothers at Crossway

  • Christy Vatter — September
  • Kathryn Coleman — September

Couples Pursuing Adoption

  • John and Michelle Leisey
  • Stephen and Ann Smith         

If you are pursuing adoption and would like to be put on this prayer list, call the church office.

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