Monday News

BabyCongratulations to Cal and Bethany Napolitano on the birth of Elliora Joy. She weighed in at 7 pounds 6 ounces and measured 19 inches long.



Let’s also give congratulations to Greg and Kate Bernhardt on the birth of Lydia Sue on Monday, Nov. 9, at 5:19 p.m. She weighed in at 7 pounds 15 ounces and measured 20 inches long.



There’s a baby boom at Crossway — congratulations as well to Ben and Jasmine Brown on the birth of Geneva Ann on Saturday, Nov. 7, at 10:05 a.m. She weighed in at 7 pounds 8 ounces and measured 20 inches long. Ben reports that the “mommy and baby are doing great.”

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Welcome Back Zulicks!

DSC_1286Josh and Molly Zulick are no strangers to Crossway. Many of us remember them with fondness from the 4 years they spent here before moving to Maryland in September, 2013. Now they are back, they have a 2 year old son, Simon, and they are eager to share all that God has done.

Before their move to Maryland, Molly worked as a RN and Josh commuted to Howard County, MD for his job as a firefighter/EMT lieutenant. He also worked in a training capacity here in Lancaster County, but largely spent his time commuting and working 24 hour shifts in MD for 8 years.

They had been seriously looking for a house in this area. When they listed their property, it sold right away and when they hadn’t found a property to buy, they decided to rent until spring. During this time Molly clearly sensed the Lord leading her to suggest that they look into renting in MD for a year, closer to Josh’s work, even though she had been adamant for years that they not live there. Within weeks they found a place and moved.

They spent the first year living in Laurel, MD and plugging into a Sovereign Grace replant church in Arnold. They liked the area so much that they then decided to stay permanently. They bought a house in Mount Airy and switched to a closer congregation in Clarksburg, a church plant out of Covenant Life for those wanting to remain in Sovereign Grace. Initially Grace Church felt like a miniature version of Crossway, but as time went on the Zulicks realized that there were a few foundational elements that were very different from what they had known here. Although there were similarities, the Zulicks realized that what they assumed to be characteristic of all Sovereign Grace churches, was really particular to Crossway.

So, despite the fact that Josh and Molly had been able to buy their dream property in Mount Airy, and they were closer to Josh’s work, his side business of teaching firefighting and special rescue kept producing more PA clients and he was once again commuting long distances. At the same time, while God was giving them many opportunities to encourage the Grace Church leadership and members, they were becoming quite homesick for Crossway. Finally, they began asking themselves if they were essentially staying for the house.

God began doing a work in each of their hearts, prompting them to consider moving back, but then they wondered whether they could afford to sell. They had put a considerable amount of money into the place initially. They decided to list it by owner, for more than what they had paid, with low expectations. An almost full price offer came in within 3 days—total confirmation of God’s leading. Not only that, but within a month they were able to buy a house in Millersville for much less than what it was listed. They settled and moved in on September 25th.

Some of you may be going through a season of significant change like the Zulicks and be tempted to question what is the point? Why go through all the hassle and upheaval? What if the end result isn’t what you are hoping for? Is it really worth it? Josh and Molly would adamantly answer “yes!” Many times we are tempted to look at our circumstances and wonder what the Lord is doing. Let us purpose to lift our gaze upward. Let us trust that His promises are true, even if the answers don’t come until eternity. Let us continue to love and serve where He leads us. “For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.”  ~ 1 Cor. 13:12, ESV

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Monday News


Orphan Sunday — Yesterday’s meeting featured presentations by various ministries as well as Scott and Angie Stoltzfus (above) giving their adoption testimony. Click on the photo to see more images from the morning.


YoderCongratulations to Zech and Allison Yoder on the birth of Eleanor Leota on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. She weighed in at 7 pounds 2 ounces and measured 19 1/2 inches. Her father reports that everyone is doing well!

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Monday News


  1. Expectant Mothers at Crossway
  • Bethany Napolitano — October
  • Kate Bernhardt — November
  • Allison Yoder — November
  • Jasmine Brown — November
  • Jodie Burling — December
  • Kerri Sensenig — February
  • Hannah Davis — April

Couples Pursuing Adoption

  • Stephen and Ann Smith         

If you are pursuing adoption and would like to be put on this prayer list, call the church office.

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Ode to the Pastors

In recognition of Pastor Appreciation Month, one of our esteemed Crossway members (who wishes to remain anonymous) composed this poetic tribute to our pastoral team. (Editor’s note: If you think you recognize who wrote it, you’re probably right . . . )

This is the tale of a group of men; committed to Jesus and surely not Zen.
pete-bwThe head of this group is a man named Pete; he leads the way and sets the beat.
A huge impact he did make; he’s brought wisdom, direction, and Philly cheesesteak!

bill-bwNext we see Bill who is wise and true; if you need advice, he knows what to do.
Through many years of trial and struggle; difficult issues he’ll help you juggle.

doug-bwAlong comes Doug holding his guitar; he’s more than our in-house music czar.
Youth and good looks are not all he has; wisdom lies under all the pizazz.

Now there’s Kurt who’s never been shy; helping our youth to look to the sky.
Wisdom, encouragement just flow out of him; bubbly, friendly, and full of vim.

steve-bwLast but not least is our man Steve; into our church, theology he’ll weave.
Clear and stable and a man of direction; but able still to make a connection.

Godly pastors seem so hard to find; and many appear to be leading the blind.
Great examples and Biblical truth; dispensed to the old on down to the youth.

These men of the faith are a blessing to us; they serve and care without making a fuss.
Dedicated leaders of whom we can say, “Praise you Jesus they came to Crossway!”

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Prosperity for Us All

The prosperity gospel is all around us. And while we might not chase after the crass versions represented by Joel Osteen and others, it is hard to avoid the message. In America, our great god is Progress, and if we are not advancing in this life, then something must be wrong. Recently, pastor Erik Raymond posted some excellent thoughts on how the prosperity gospel may be having more of an effect on your life than you think:


What do you think of when you read the words “Prosperity Gospel”? Odds are your stomach turns a bit as you think about the preachers on television that speak to very large crowds and appeal to even more in their books. More than likely you look at it as “out there” rather than “in here”. In one sense this is good. The shenanigans that some of those religious hucksters engage in should never be replicated in our churches. In another sense however, it’s naive. One does not have to be cruising around in a private jet or be dressed ostentatiously to qualify as a promoter of the prosperity gospel. It is more subtle. And it is more pervasive.

In its unabashed nakedness, the prosperity gospel is a damning heresy that is not a gospel at all. It is a Ponzi scheme concocted by those at the top to prey upon the weak and vulnerable. Preachers of this false gospel use God as a genie who is dispatched to give us stuff, as a result, the gospel gets reduced to getting more stuff. This message is primarily physical rather than spiritual and is about this (best) life now rather than the one to come. And most damning of all, it is about us rather than God. The cross of Christ is reduced to a stage prop to support the large tent meetings they hold. It is like they use Jesus’ band-with to hack in and launch spiritual viruses in the world.

Regrettably, the prosperity gospel has gone viral. Being more nuanced and subtle than you may think, it is very active in the church. Like a computer virus it is draining vitality and productivity in the covenant community. And you know what the worst part is? You may not even know that you are impacted by it.

Here are a few ways that you can tell that you are nibbling at the hook of the prosperity gospel, without, perhaps, even knowing it.

(1) You are dissatisfied by the ordinary means of grace.

The Sunday gatherings of the Lord’s people are very unspectacular. We sing, read, and respond to God’s Word together. We probably don’t walk out of church like we walk out of a movie saying, “Wow! That was spectacular! I can’t believe how it ended! I never saw that coming.” No, we do the same thing every week with some variation of songs or Scripture. We do this because God tells us to do it; he says it is good for us (Heb. 10:25). We trust him. But sometimes we want a little more. Dissatisfied by preaching, prayer and singing we want it to be a little more “our style” and to fit “our tastes”. Soon, we find ourselves looking for that perfect place for us rather than the faithful place to God. Somehow it becomes our show. This subtle shift shows that we are at least susceptible to if not fully on with prosperity thinking.

(2) You think more about God’s blessings than God himself.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am thankful for the innumerable blessings that are ours in Christ (Eph. 1:3). But we must remember that the blessings are not the end but a means to an end; they point us to God. It is God himself that is the ultimate blessing. You can see how this plays out when you lose something that God has given you (maybe a job, a relationship, health, opportunity, etc). How do you react? Many times people get sideways with God as if he has changed. This preoccupation with created things instead of the Creator has the footprints of idolatry (Rom. 1:20-25). It is also at the heart of the prosperity gospel. Christians should be on guard for this type of unbiblical thinking in their church and in their lives.

(3) You avoid communion with God in the Word and in prayer.

Let’s get right down to it: Christianity is spiritual before it is physical. If you are restless about what you see then you will never be content in the One whom you cannot see. There is an epidemic of Bible negligence and prayerlessness in the church today. It is not because we are too busy, too smart, or too whatever—it is because we do not want to have communion with God. I believe this is a demonstration of prosperity thinking. It is hard work and a real demonstration of faith and discipline to read your Bible and quiet your heart before the Lord in humble adoration, confession and petition. We are very distracted by our stuff and our craving for stuff (created things) and not so drawn to God (our Creator and Savior). This is prosperity thinking and it has gone viral in the church.

(4) You’re exhausted.

I understand some people are exhausted for medical reasons or for simply working hard. I get that. But, what I’m talking about is the weariness of the soul and body from the endless pursuit of stuff. Life is a sprint from one thing to the next. The whole day is filled with the pursuit and pleasure of things. We work and play—then we repeat. This is what we are told to do. But, what about what you cannot see? What about the world to come? What about the heart? Do we as Christians not believe that there is a relationship between our bodies and our souls? Is there a connection between the restlessness and lack of contentment in our souls that so drives us to grind up our lives day by day?

(5) You think that if you work hard for God then he will work hard for you.

Many have bought into this lie. We go to church, keep our noses clean, and do whatever extra we can. Then we hope God will do his part and bless us with good kids, a nice house, a steady job, and plenty of money. But what happens when the company downsizes? When the kid starts taking drugs? When the 401k shrinks? We go into private litigation in our minds because God has not kept his end of the bargain. We want to sue God for his prosperity promises that we have signed on to.

(6) You believe suffering is an intrusion instead of an instrument.

The Christian, of all people, should know that suffering is part of the Christian life (Jn. 15:20Phil 1:29). We follow a Savior who was crucified after all! The prosperity thinking has shaped our thinking to see that suffering is an intrusion in our lives. “Why is this happening? How could God let this happen?” These are questions that operate from a position of privilege and frankly, biblical ignorance. It is happening because we live in a fallen, broken world. But, it is also happening because God uses suffering to strengthen and sanctify his people. He makes us more like Jesus through our suffering (Jam. 1:2-4Rom. 5:3-51 Pet. 1:6-9Heb. 5.7; etc.). Far from an intrusion, suffering is an instrument from God for our good and his glory. How do you view suffering?

(7) You could just live here forever.

When so much of the emphasis is upon the here and now and so little is placed upon the New City that awaits us we have to ask the question, “Do you even want to go to heaven?” Let’s say I had the ability to make you a deal where you could stay here on this world forever. You would never die and the ability to enjoy this world would not end. You could play all the video games, watch all the sunsets, drink and eat all the whatever, there would be football, hunting, shopping, and whatever else you want. You could just ride the merry-go-round of this world forever without ever having to put in another quarter. The only catch is this: no God. That’s right, you can’t pray, read the Bible, go to church, or anything. It is on the shelf. Would you take it?

The very thing that makes heaven so heavenly is God. That which makes Christians long for heaven is the lack of God-wardness here (starting in our own souls but moving out to the world around us). Ultimately, we don’t want more rides on the merry-go-round, we want fellowship with God unhindered by our sinful flesh!

Prosperity thinking has subtly lulled us to sleep dreaming solely of sunsets, success, and self-fulfillment. Friends, it’s not ultimately about any of this. The gospel brings us to God. I’m afraid we’ve gotten this twisted. The prosperity gospel has gone viral and the worst part is, many of us don’t even realize it.

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Monday News


Expectant Mothers at Crossway

  • Bethany Napolitano — October
  • Kate Bernhardt — November
  • Jasmine Brown — November
  • Allison Yoder — November
  • Jodie Burling — December
  • Kerri Sensenig — February

Couples Pursuing Adoption

  • Stephen and Ann Smith         

If you are pursuing adoption and would like to be put on this prayer list, call the church office.


Every good and perfect gift is from above.

Congratulations to the Leisey’s for the newest addition to their family.  We rejoice with you!

Every Good and Perfect Gift is From Above


Noah Robert Leisey

United with His Forever Family

Son and Brother to John and Michelle, Madison, Ethan, Ella & Lily

We love you, Noah!!!!!

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